5 November 2014

General Knowledge Quiz (May 16, 2014)

At Resource Academia, acquiring General Knowledge is considered very significant. Teachers emphasize the importance of acquiring such skills and being in touch with the current affairs.  Classes through the year have contributed towards personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole for students at the Middle School Campus. Students have learnt about a diverse range of facts related to various subjects. To mark the end of the session, a comprehensive ‘General Knowledge Quiz’ was organized for students from Classes 4 to 7.

In the qualifying round, questionnaires with 50 written questions were given to all students in each class. The top scorers were selected for the final quiz. The grand finale of the contest was in three rounds, each displaying questions using the multimedia. The first round comprised MCQs, the second round was a question-answer section, while the third round was the visual round where competitors had to identify pictures of important people, landmarks, flags, and maps of countries.

All participants and supporters participated very enthusiastically, which created an environment of healthy competition. In the audience round, audience members were asked questions just for fun!

The winners were:


1st Position

2nd Position


Areej Fatima [4B]


Najma Waqeem Shah [5A]

Abdullah Nasir [5B]


Daim Mast [6D]


Abdullah Yusuf [7B]

Abdul Sami [7D]

All winners received certificates and prizes from the Principal, Ms. John, who appreciated their hard work along with the effort made by the General Knowledge Teacher, Ms. Sophia Khan.