• Dawn Spelling Bee 2014

    The Dawn Group of Newspapers organizes the National Spelling Bee every year, which aims towards creating a competitive and challenging contest for young spellers all across the country. The Spelling Bee aspires to expand children\\'s horizons beyond the classroom and enhance their process of learning. The contest is designed to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop correct usage of English language.

    The nine outstanding spellers who will represent Resource Academia at the 10th DAWN in Education Spelling 2014 at the Regional Championships are:

    Age Group

    Team Members

    9-11 years

    Eisha Shafqat Qureshi [5]

    Hajra Mubeen [5]

    Syeda Zainah Hussain [5]

    12-14 years

    Eshal Imran [8]

    Hadi Ameer [8]

    Syed Ahmad Hassan Shah [8]

    15-17 years

    Hamza Khalid Malik [O1]

    Haider Ali Khan [O1]

    Zeenia Iftikhar [8]

  • English Spelling Competition 2014

    An English Spelling Contest was conducted in all sections of Classes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. English teachers compiled spelling lists with 100 to 200 words that are frequently misspelled by children in each of these classes. All students had the opportunity to compete in the initial round of the spelling contest that was conducted by the English teachers within each class. Two students scoring the highest percentage were selected from each section of each class for the final round.

    During the final round, students were tested on words from the initial spelling lists in addition to five new words that had been selected by the Academic Coordinators, Ms. Samira and Ms. Humaira. The top two students in each class were announced as the winners. These winners received prizes and certificates from the Principal, Ms. John, at a special award ceremony. All 96 students who scored A grades during the initial round were also awarded certificates and prizes.

    The winners included:




    Aiza Ahsan



    Khadija Khan



    Muhammad Bin Ahsan



    Najma Waqeem Shah



    Ziyab Ahmad



    Narmeen Arif



    Rao Daud Ali Khan



    Daim Mast



    Abdullah Yousaf



    Armaghan Ahsan



  • General Knowledge Quiz (May 16, 2014)

    At Resource Academia, acquiring General Knowledge is considered very significant. Teachers emphasize the importance of acquiring such skills and being in touch with the current affairs.  Classes through the year have contributed towards personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole for students at the Middle School Campus. Students have learnt about a diverse range of facts related to various subjects. To mark the end of the session, a comprehensive ‘General Knowledge Quiz’ was organized for students from Classes 4 to 7.

    In the qualifying round, questionnaires with 50 written questions were given to all students in each class. The top scorers were selected for the final quiz. The grand finale of the contest was in three rounds, each displaying questions using the multimedia. The first round comprised MCQs, the second round was a question-answer section, while the third round was the visual round where competitors had to identify pictures of important people, landmarks, flags, and maps of countries.

    All participants and supporters participated very enthusiastically, which created an environment of healthy competition. In the audience round, audience members were asked questions just for fun!

    The winners were:


    1st Position

    2nd Position


    Areej Fatima [4B]


    Najma Waqeem Shah [5A]

    Abdullah Nasir [5B]


    Daim Mast [6D]


    Abdullah Yusuf [7B]

    Abdul Sami [7D]

    All winners received certificates and prizes from the Principal, Ms. John, who appreciated their hard work along with the effort made by the General Knowledge Teacher, Ms. Sophia Khan.

  • World No Tobacco Day Poster Competition (May 31, 2014)

    Cancer accounts for one in eight deaths globally. In the 20th century, the tobacco epidemic killed 100 million people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization\'s (WHO) 2008 report, the global tobacco epidemic will cause more than 8 million deaths every year by 2030, unless urgent action is taken. An estimated 80% of these deaths will occur in developing countries.  

    Joining the global crusade against Tobacco, Resource Academia participated in the \'No Tobacco\' Poster Contest 2014 organized by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. The poster contest was in line with the \'World, No Tobacco Day\' on May 31, 2014. Students from Grades 1 to O3 designed posters that highlighted the negative effects of smoking. These posters were judged by a committee and names of winners were displayed on the Hospital website. The Art teachers at the Pre-Junior, Middle and Senior Campuses are appreciated for the guidance and support that they provided to the participants.

  • Art for Change Art Competition by Discovering New Artists (Apr 2014)

    Students from Resource Academia Pre-Junior Campus participated in an art competition, Art for Change, organized by Discovering New Artists, a non-profit organization that aims to create opportunities for underprivileged children through education and by discovering artists within them. This contest involved participation by students all across Pakistan and included students between the ages 4 to 18 from all walks of life.

    Change has become a popular phenomenon and everyone seems to be willing to see a reformed society. Based on the belief in art as a medium for change, participants were required to base their art on the theme Pakistan Tomorrow. The contest urged children to think about Pakistan’s tomorrow and the outcome was art that provided insights into how these children see their country in the future.

    Each participant had to pay a contributing fee that will help the organization in bringing about change in the community by empowering the underprivileged children with a love for story books and an opportunity to participate in the competition free of cost. This competition also sponsored education of needy children through the proceeds generated from the registration and selling of artwork received from private school students. All participating students received Certificates of Appreciation.


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