A combination of formative and summative class assessments is used systemically to monitor student’s progress and guide instruction. Academic year is divided into two terms:

  • First Term(August to December)
  • Second term (January to June)


  • Continuous assessments are held monthly based solely on teacher’s observation, class work, and assessment tasks.
  • Reports are shared with parents twice a year, i.e. mid-year and end of year.
  • Students are awarded grades based on their performance.

Lower Primary

The students in these classes are assessed, evaluated and promoted through Continuous assessments which will be held on monthly/ bi-monthly basis. These assessments are:

  • Formative, providing information for the teacher to plan the next steps in the child’s learning;
  • Diagnostic providing information about a child’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • Evaluative, allowing individual teachers evaluate how effective their teaching is;

 There will be no mid-year and end year examination for classes I-III

Three monthly assessments will be held in first term and three assessments will be held in second term. Reports will be shared with parents twice a year i.e. mid-year and end of year.

Upper Primary and Elementary

Along with formative assessments, summative assessments are held in December and (May-June) for classes IV onwards.

  • These classes have two assessments in the first term and two assessments in second term. 
  • Students of these classes are promoted through assessment and examination.
  • The score of Monthly Assessments is included in the December and final examination reports respectively.

Bifurcation Examination

  • Class VIII students take the bifurcation exam in March.
  • Students who score 51% and above marks continue to study class VIII syllabi.
  • A final exam is held in May/June for the final promotion to IX O.
  • Students who score 40-50% marks are promoted to Matric.

Secondary (Matric, O-Levels and A-Levels) 

  • At secondary level, students are assessed as per the requirements of Matric, O-Level and A-Level.
  • Students appearing for external examination are assessed through Mock Examinations.
  • Prior to BISE/CIE examinations, the school conducts mock examinations for classes IX/X matric and XI O.