7 November 2014

Iqbal Day Celebrations (Nov 2013)

Resource Academia Pre-Junior Campus paid homage to the great poet and philosopher, AllamaIqbal by organizing a special event. The program started with some very informative speeches in which students spoke about AllamaIqbal’s life and his services for the country. In the poetry recital that followed, students recited two ofIqbal’s very famous poems, PaharaurGulehriand Ma KaKhuaab.

The most entertaining part of the program was the Bait Bazi. Two teams participated in the contest, one each comprising boys and girls from various sections of Class 3. The two teams were named after Iqbal’s very famous publications, Zarb-e-Kaleem and BangeDara. One after the other, the teams recited verses very promptly and eloquently. After a very challenging and competitive contest, it was declared to be a tie between both teams. The students of Class 3 participated in the Iqbal Day celebrations with great enthusiasm and the event was immensely enjoyed by all.

The Headmistress, Ms.Semee Shafqat presented certificates to all the participants, while the winners also received special prizes. She praised the confidence, the excellent pronunciation of difficult Urdu words and the perfect intonation in the poetry recitation by the young students. Class 3 Urdu teachersMs.Humaira Butt and Ms.NighatMazari were appreciated for their efforts in organizing such a lovely event that paid homage to one of our most illustrated leaders, AllamaIqbal.