7 November 2014

Cooking and Etiquette Classes (Jan – Jun 2014)

Cooking and Etiquette Classes at the Pre-Junior Campus have always been about learning through fun activities. While enjoying the classes, children learnt to follow instructions, carefully measure ingredients, time the baking and consequently developed their coordination and comprehension skills. 

The delicious recipes for the second term included:

  • Refreshing drinks – Watermelon Fizz, Oreo Shake, Strawberry Smoothie.
  • Delectable desserts – Jelly Wedges, Coconut Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ginger Bread Man, Chocolate Cake.
  • Appetizing snacks – Potato Pizzette, Cream of Chicken Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, Crispy Flaky Chicken, Potato Wedges, Pepperoni Pizza.