7 November 2014

Pre-School Folders - Professions & Transport (May 2014)

Pre-School children learnt about Professions and Transport during the month of May. As children gain knowledge more quickly through interesting activities and role play, thematic teaching themes provide content and structure for organizing innovative learning activities.

Although Pre-School children are generally aware of the basic professions, during this activity they learnt new facts about people working in various professions, such as doctors, pilots, teachers and postmen. They gained knowledge about their workplaces, outfits, tools and instruments. Children also learnt that transport is a mode for carrying people and things from one place to another. They discovered how they can differentiate between the various modes of transport, such as air, land and water transport.

The children were able to develop skills and learn information about the topics being studied. Pre-School activities were designed in accordance with the class level, the children’s needs, their interest and their developmental level.