• Class 2 Visits the Post Office (Mar 13, 2014)

    In line with the practice of integrating classroom learning with hands-on experience, Class 2 students of Resource Academia Pre-Junior Campus visited the Post Office on March 13, 2014. These students were studying how a Post Office works in their Social Studies lesson and observing the working of a Post Office at close proximity was very informative and educational.

    On a lovely spring morning, our young learners boarded the big yellow schoolbusesand very excitedly embarked on this journey. The students were accorded a very warm welcome by the Post Office staff. The Post Office Supervisor explained how the letters go through various processes to travel from a letter box to various local and international destinations. The students were taken on a tour of the facility to see how all the letters were collected, segregated, stamped and then stored in pigeon holes for the postmen to collect.

    All the children had brought self-addressed letters with them and excitedly learnt how to stamp their own letters and then dropped them in the mail boxes. As the act of stamping, addressing and dropping a letter in a post box is quickly becoming a rarity due to the extensive use of courier services, emails and other e-services, this was a first experience for many children. It was delightful to see the enthusiasm and excitement on the children’s faces as they posted their very precious little envelopes. Not only was the trip a great activity for our Class 2 students, but also a great learning experience too!

  • Parents Commemoration Day 2014 (Feb 28, 2014)

    Resource Academia Pre-Junior Campus staged its Annual Commemoration Day on February 28, 2014 at Al-Hamra, the Mall. The students paid a commendable tribute to their parents and reflected a well-rounded learning tradition.  The program began with recitation from the Holy Quran. In keeping with Resource Academia’s tradition, the students of Playgroup passed the Light of Knowledge to the Head Boy and the Head Girl from O3, in a solemn candle ceremony. In her welcoming address, the Principal, Ms. Jamila John offered a very warm welcome to the parents and other guests.

    Pre-School’s musical Thumbelina by the Kindergarten students was a spectacular performance. The story revolved around the enchanting little Thumbelina who was living a very happy life, dancing among the flowers, until she was kidnapped by the ugly toad who wanted her to marry his son. As the story progressed, charming little performers dressed as graceful ballerinas, gorgeous butterflies, scary spiders, lovely flowers and dazzling snowflakes came on stage to present beautifully choreographed performances. The story had a fairytale ending when Thumbelina found her Prince Charming and they all lived happily ever after!

    Junior School had a diverse assortment of events ranging from musical, to theatrical, to pantomime. Class 1 students presented an exhilarating performance on the song Madagascar. Dressed as the funkiest tigers, hippos, elephants and monkeys, the children displayed amazing energy and rhythm, which had the audience thumping their feet. A fascinating Ballet performance by the elegant ballerinas of Class 1 had everyone completely mesmerized. Their vibrant costumes, elegant moves and remarkable poise were truly impressive.

    Class 2 students presented a thought-provoking enactment based on Jawad Ahmed’s song that discusses the rights of children where society is obligated to provide them love, education and a healthy environment. When little children are forced to work in the fields, on the streets or in others’ homes, this takes away from them the opportunity to gain an education. The Ambitious Violet was another lovely performance by Class 2 that aimed to show appreciation for Mother Nature and to respect the delicate balance it offers.  Everyone loved the gentle violets and roses, while the two vibrantly dressed parrots completely stole the show!

    The ambiance created by the Urdu Mushaira took everyone into a different era. The sherwani clad poets and the poetesses in ghararas had everyone giggling, laughing and clapping at their humorous poetry and the even more entertaining expression. The second performance by Class 3 was Araam-o-Sakun. The play depicted the story of a typical home in our society where the family members deal with various conflicts within the home. The Wizard of Oz by Class 3 was a musical enactment of the very popular story. The elaborate costumes and interesting makeup took the audience on an exciting journey to the world of crazy critters.

    The Parents Day performances exhibited the skills and talent of the participants and organizers simultaneously. There was a variety of colours, an assortment of sounds, and a careful blend of entertainment and somberness. The fabulous backdrops and props by the Art teachers, Ms. Saadia Hina and Ms. Gulraiz added grandeur to the show. The Parents Day was a remarkable success due to the coordinated efforts of the students, the teachers and the Academic Coordinators, Ms. Samina Sarwar and Ms. Ayshea Dar.

    The Annual Commemoration Day concluded with an address by the Headmistress, Ms. Semee Shafqat, who appreciated the children’s performances, the teachers’ efforts and the parents’ devotion, with which they appreciated the young performers through the entire programme. 

  • Milad (Jan 24, 2014)

    Resource Academia Pre-Junior Campus organized Milad-un-Nabi celebrations on January 24, 2014. Students from Classes 2 and 3 paid tribute to the Life of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) by reciting several beautiful Naats and talking about his early life, his family and his personality. The Milad was arranged in the Assembly Area, which had been decorated beautifully with flower petals, candles and incense sticks.  All students from Kindergarten, Classes 1, 2 and 3 attended the Milad. Sweets were distributed among all students and staff. The Milad concluded with a special dua.

  • Poetry Recitation Competition (Jan-Mar 2014)

    All students from Classes 4 to 7 had the opportunity to participate in English and Urdu Poetry Recitation Contests during the Second Term. Students were provided Urdu and English poems to recite. Teachers conducted the initial rounds of the contests within the classes. The top two students from each section were selected to participate in the second round. These second rounds were also conducted within the classrooms. At all levels during the contest, contestants were evaluated for memory, expression & delivery, pronunciation and clarity of speech.

    The final round of English Poetry Recitation Contest was held on January 17, 2014. The top two students from each class recited their poems. English teachers and the Academic Coordinators judged the event. 

    The winners for the English Poetry Recitation Contest were:






    Zoya Rizvi


    Who Taught the Birds?


    Jane Taylor

    Ziyab Ahmad


    My Mother Saw a Dancing Bear

    Charles Causley

    Anmol Zahra


    Harvest Hymn


    John Betjeman

    Humza Hassan Khan


    The Brook

    Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Saad Hussain Kazmi


    The Brook

    Alfred Lord Tennyson


    The final round of the Urdu Poetry Recitation contest was held on March 14, 2014. The two finalists from each class recited their poems. Urdu teachers and the Academic Coordinators judged the event. 

    The winners for the Urdu Poetry Recitation Contest were:





    Muhammad Bin Ahsan


    Tote Batoat

    Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum

    Zarnab Malik


    Ammi Kay Bachay Ki Faryad

    Shaan-ul-Haq Haqi

    Talha Rashid Butt


    Khuda Karay Keh Meri Arz-e-Pak Per Utray

    Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

    Syeda Huda Leghari


    Khataab Ba

    Allama Muhammad Iqbal

    The winners received prizes and certificates from the Principal, Ms. John, at a special award ceremony. All finalists also received certificates and prizes.

  • International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (Mar 20, 2014)

    Resource Academia Middle and Senior School participated in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest held on March 20, 2014. The international academic event is organized annually worldwide by the association, Kangourou Sans Frontieres. Created in 1990, the KSF unites students from more than 60 countries all over the world. The examination is held on the same day at all the various testing centres globally.

    Extensive preparations were carried out at school by the Mathematics teachers at Resource Academia. They guided the children on preparation for the specific style of testing implemented by KSF. A total number of 191 students from Classes 4 to O1 participated in this contest. The venue for the testing was Punjab College for Girls Campus. The students all went there for the assessment and were accompanied by the Principal, Ms. Jamila John, and the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Samira Butt, who was also the Kangaroo Coordinator for the school. The two-three hour test was quite challenging and extensive, particularly for the younger children. The entire process provided the young children valuable exposure to international standards of examination which will prove to be a beneficial experience for them.

  • Resource T20 Championship (Mar 2014)

    Resource Academia Middle and Senior Campus organized the Resource T20 Championship 2014 at the Model Town Cricket Club from March 11 to 14, 2014. Participating schools included the host team Resource Academia, Lahore City Grammar, Sharif Education Complex, Quaid-e-Azam School, and Beacon House Township.The umpires for the tournament were Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, Mr. Liaqat Ali and Mr. Ilyas Khan.

    The tournament started off with some nail-biting matches with four winning teams qualifying for the semi-finals. The two semi-finals were played on March 13, 2014; Lahore City Grammar vs. Sharif Education Complex, and Resource Academia vs. Quaid-e-Azam School. After two very competitive and challenging matches, the two emerging winners qualified for the final. The T20 Championship final was played on March 13, 2014 between Resource Academia and Lahore City Grammar. After a very tough contest, Resource Academia won the final match by two wickets.

    The Chief Guests for the event were the Principal of Resource Academia, Ms. Jamila John, the Academic Coordinator at Resource Academia, Ms. Humaira Tariq, Manager Coach Education PCB, Shahid Aslam, Captain Pakistan Under 19 Team, Mr. Sami Arsalan, and Former Test and One Day Player Pakistan Team, Mr. Akram Raza. In a prize giving ceremony that followed, Ms. John presented the winning trophy to the captain of the Resource AcademiaCricket Team. Members of both teams received certificates. Ms. John admired the expertcricketing skills and sportsman spirit displayed by both teams. She also appreciated the effort made by the Sports Teacher, Mr. Asif Abbas for training the RA Cricket team and for organizing the event!

    Man of the match Mustafa Khattak
    Best wicket keeper Muhammad Muqeet Shah
    Best bowler Raahim Jamil
    Player of the tournament Fahad Sheikh
    Best fielder Mustafa Ishaq

  • A Visit to the National Cricket Academy (Apr 5, 2014)

    In response to an invitation by the National Cricket Academy, students of Resource Academia attended a one day coaching session at this prestigious cricket training institute. This training was conducted under the supervision of international coaches from all around South Asia, including coaches from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar and Dubai. The entire session was very informative and productive, and the cricketing expertise of our students was highly appreciated by all the trainers. The students were accompanied by the Head Cricket Coach of the school, Mr. Asif Abbas.

  • Parents Commemoration Day 2014 (Feb 26, 2014)

    Resource Academia Middle and Senior School staged its Parents\\' Commemoration Day on February 26, 2014 at Al-Hamrah, the Mall. The students paid a commendable tribute to their parents and reflected a well-rounded learning tradition. The Head Boy, Mohammad Zaid Bin Zafar and the Head Girl, Syeda Alizah Hassan hosted the program. Recitation of verses from the Quran was followed by the National Anthem. The Principal, Ms. Jamila John welcomed the parents and appreciated the effort made by the students and staff members in putting together such a wonderful programme.

    The Stone Soup, the opening play by Class 4, presented an old folk tale in which some shrewd hungry travellers outwit the selfish villagers who refuse to give them food. Pretending to make a stone soup, they manipulate the villagers and take all the ingredients from them. Touched by an Alien, also by Class 4, told the story of some space explorers who hold some aliens captive and want them to sign the Galaxy Confederation Charter. Both plays were presented by the youngest students at the school!

    Bashira Challa London by Class 5 took the audience into a village home. This play portrayed the fascination of our people, particularly villagers, in travelling to London. The humorous but satirical play told the story of Bashira, the main character of this play. He manipulates his father into selling off his land and pays two fraudulent travel agents for a visa and ticket. Ironically, he ends up in jail for a fake visa! The Peacock Dance by Class 5 students was as pleasing aesthetically as it was musically. Dressed in vibrant green outfits and peacock feathers, the elegant movements of the girls had everyone completely enthralled.

    An adaptation of a story by renowned Urdu writer, Ismat Chughtai, Kaam Chor told the story of an average middle class household within our society, where the entire family lives together. As the father nears his retirement age, he tries to cut down on household expenses. The result, chaos! The children are too irresponsible and do not realize the harsh realities of life. The very talented Class 6 students displayed an excellent performance. Another remarkable performance by Class 6 was King Arthur and the Witch. The audience was taken back into the medieval times of King Arthur, when his best friend Sir Gwain stood in deadly peril. To save his friend, King Arthur agreed to marry an evil witch!

    Ebony Scrooge, a successful restaurant owner in the play A Christmas Carol believes in over-charging his customers and underpaying his employees. He learns a lesson when he is visited by ghosts from the past, present and future, who remind him of the importance of sharing and giving. Presented by Class 7, the play had the audience completely engrossed. The Goblin Market, enacted by Class 7, told the story of two sisters who lived on the edge of a forest inhabited by evil goblins. One of the sisters falls prey to the goblins’ plot to taste their magical fruits. The other sister risks going into the goblins’ midst returns successfully with magic fruit juice for her sister, which helps her to recover. The play ends on a happy note and they both live happily ever after!

    Order, Order! Adalat Ka Kamrah transported the audience into a court room. The sophisticated lawyers and judges spoke their dialogues to perfection and exhibited the way in which courts reach their decisions. Performed by Class 7 and 8, the students did an excellent job. The tale of the Millionaire Miser is a Buddhist folktale based in the 5th century AD. The story revolves around Sakka, the King of Heaven and a Buddhist version of the Hindu God Indra. Class 8 presented this very interesting story.

    The grand finale was a musical Umeed-e-Sahar by students of Class 8, O1 and O2, who put together a spectacular performance. Although presented in an innovative manner, the play was based on our everyday characters that face difficulties due to religious and social issues. The audience was completely captivated by the classical Turk dance performance!

    Alongside the main performances, the fillers successfully captivated the audience\\\\\'s interest. A Sitar Recital by the very talented siblings, Abeeha and Numair, transported the audience to a pleasingly peaceful mood. The Wake and Shake aerobics display was pleasantly invigorating. A melodious rendition of the song Main Bhi Daikhoon Ga was much applauded. The poem Hamdardi was enacted beautifully. The Clap Dance displayed brilliant coordination by O2 boys who created music and rhythm simply with their synchronized hand and foot movements. Natawan Pehlwan was a hilarious display of the pomp and glory displayed by a supposed ‘pehlwan’! The Leotard Dance by O1 and O2 girls was a dazzling display of illusion created by the black and white in the performers’ outfits and their fascinatingly orchestrated dance moves! Shazia Gaa Mian gave a lovely display of her musical expertise with a beautiful keyboard performance.


    The Parents Day performances exhibited the skills and talent of the participants and organizers simultaneously. There was a variety of colours, an assortment of sounds, and a careful blend of entertainment and sombreness. The fabulous backdrops and props by the Art teacher, Ms. Uzaira Humayun added grandeur to the show. The Parents Day was a remarkable success due to the coordinated efforts of the students, the teachers and the Academic Coordinators, Ms. Humaira Tariq and Ms. Samira Butt.

  • The Joys of Bus Rides (2014)

    A day trip was organized for the students to experience the Metro Bus Ride on September 21, 2014 by the Sports Teacher, Ms. Lubna Afzaal. Some students from Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 were taken to the Model Town Metro Bus Station on school transport accompanied by the teacher.

    Class 5 girls went for a bus tour along the Lahore Canal on March 13, 2013. They were accompanied by their teachers. The bus ride was organized as a celebration of spring. The students enjoyed the lovely displays on the canal, had a picnic and thoroughly enjoyed the entire activity. 

  • Student Council 2013-2014

    The Student Council 2013-2014 comprises the following members:

    Head Boy: Mohammad Zaid Bin Zafar [O3A]
    Head Girl: Syeda Alizah Hassan [O3A]    


    House Captain

    Vice House Captain

    Green House

    Moneeb Moquit [O2A]

    Alishba Amer [O1A]

    Blue House

    Fatima Safdar [O2B]

    Mahnoor Ahsan Khan [O1A]

    Yellow House

    Mohammad Abdullah Sarfraz [O2B]

    Haider Ali Khan [O1B]

    Red House

    Taha Ahmed [O2B]

    Qasim Omer Butt [O1B]



    Society President

    Society Vice President

    English Debating Society

    Neha Shafqat Qureshi [O2B]

    Shazia Gaa Mian [O1A]

    Urdu Debating Society

    Zoreen Fatima [O2B]

    Rameen Ata Bajwa [O1A]

    Sports Society

    Muhammad Kaleem Khan [O2A]

    Asalan Ashraf [O1B]


    Muhammad Moeed Durrani [O2A]

    Ezza Majeed [O1A]

    The Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, Vice Captains and Heads of School Societies received badges from the Principal, Ms John at a special ceremony. Council members were nominated and selected based on their academic record, personality, popularity, manners, likeability among fellow students and teachers’ recommendations.

  • Dawn Spelling Bee 2014

    The Dawn Group of Newspapers organizes the National Spelling Bee every year, which aims towards creating a competitive and challenging contest for young spellers all across the country. The Spelling Bee aspires to expand children\\'s horizons beyond the classroom and enhance their process of learning. The contest is designed to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop correct usage of English language.

    The nine outstanding spellers who will represent Resource Academia at the 10th DAWN in Education Spelling 2014 at the Regional Championships are:

    Age Group

    Team Members

    9-11 years

    Eisha Shafqat Qureshi [5]

    Hajra Mubeen [5]

    Syeda Zainah Hussain [5]

    12-14 years

    Eshal Imran [8]

    Hadi Ameer [8]

    Syed Ahmad Hassan Shah [8]

    15-17 years

    Hamza Khalid Malik [O1]

    Haider Ali Khan [O1]

    Zeenia Iftikhar [8]

  • English Spelling Competition 2014

    An English Spelling Contest was conducted in all sections of Classes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. English teachers compiled spelling lists with 100 to 200 words that are frequently misspelled by children in each of these classes. All students had the opportunity to compete in the initial round of the spelling contest that was conducted by the English teachers within each class. Two students scoring the highest percentage were selected from each section of each class for the final round.

    During the final round, students were tested on words from the initial spelling lists in addition to five new words that had been selected by the Academic Coordinators, Ms. Samira and Ms. Humaira. The top two students in each class were announced as the winners. These winners received prizes and certificates from the Principal, Ms. John, at a special award ceremony. All 96 students who scored A grades during the initial round were also awarded certificates and prizes.

    The winners included:




    Aiza Ahsan



    Khadija Khan



    Muhammad Bin Ahsan



    Najma Waqeem Shah



    Ziyab Ahmad



    Narmeen Arif



    Rao Daud Ali Khan



    Daim Mast



    Abdullah Yousaf



    Armaghan Ahsan



  • General Knowledge Quiz (May 16, 2014)

    At Resource Academia, acquiring General Knowledge is considered very significant. Teachers emphasize the importance of acquiring such skills and being in touch with the current affairs.  Classes through the year have contributed towards personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole for students at the Middle School Campus. Students have learnt about a diverse range of facts related to various subjects. To mark the end of the session, a comprehensive ‘General Knowledge Quiz’ was organized for students from Classes 4 to 7.

    In the qualifying round, questionnaires with 50 written questions were given to all students in each class. The top scorers were selected for the final quiz. The grand finale of the contest was in three rounds, each displaying questions using the multimedia. The first round comprised MCQs, the second round was a question-answer section, while the third round was the visual round where competitors had to identify pictures of important people, landmarks, flags, and maps of countries.

    All participants and supporters participated very enthusiastically, which created an environment of healthy competition. In the audience round, audience members were asked questions just for fun!

    The winners were:


    1st Position

    2nd Position


    Areej Fatima [4B]


    Najma Waqeem Shah [5A]

    Abdullah Nasir [5B]


    Daim Mast [6D]


    Abdullah Yusuf [7B]

    Abdul Sami [7D]

    All winners received certificates and prizes from the Principal, Ms. John, who appreciated their hard work along with the effort made by the General Knowledge Teacher, Ms. Sophia Khan.

  • World No Tobacco Day Poster Competition (May 31, 2014)

    Cancer accounts for one in eight deaths globally. In the 20th century, the tobacco epidemic killed 100 million people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization\'s (WHO) 2008 report, the global tobacco epidemic will cause more than 8 million deaths every year by 2030, unless urgent action is taken. An estimated 80% of these deaths will occur in developing countries.  

    Joining the global crusade against Tobacco, Resource Academia participated in the \'No Tobacco\' Poster Contest 2014 organized by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. The poster contest was in line with the \'World, No Tobacco Day\' on May 31, 2014. Students from Grades 1 to O3 designed posters that highlighted the negative effects of smoking. These posters were judged by a committee and names of winners were displayed on the Hospital website. The Art teachers at the Pre-Junior, Middle and Senior Campuses are appreciated for the guidance and support that they provided to the participants.